Eyelash Extensions and Keratin Lift

Eyelash Extensions and Keratin Lift

Service Price BOOK NOW
Flirty Eyelash extension, 45 min  $110 BOOK NOW
Classic /Full set Eyelash extension $140 BOOK NOW
Volume eyelash extension $160 BOOK NOW
Russian volume eyelash extension $180 BOOK NOW
Refill Classic 2-3 weeks $110 BOOK NOW
Refill Volume 2-3 weeks $130  BOOK NOW
Removal of eyelash extension $35 BOOK NOW
Eyelash Keratin Lift $110 BOOK NOW

AUKO Beauty Salon – Top Quality Eyelash Extensions in Perth

Like every woman, you want to look good with eyelash extensions. Your friends and family will definitely love your look and are eager to know your beauty secret. If you’ve long, full, and thick lashes, they’ll make for a statement on their own.

Whether you’re looking to add more drama or definition to your eyes, you should consider applying eyelash extensions in Perth at AUKO Beauty Salon. We work with top-quality Korean products, extra thin, light, and silky and mink eyelash extensions best matching our client’s requirements.

At AUKO Beauty Salon, we specialize in using high quality glue that works for any type of eyes. It’s considered as the non-toxic and very low irritation formula. It’s highly recommended to consider refilling once every three weeks. You can do it in two weeks or four weeks as preferred. No matter what, our eyelash extensions available in Perth allow you to add some sort of drama to your eyelashes in the most significant way possible.

Whether you prefer thick, bold looking lashes or a natural look, you should look no further than AUKO Beauty Salon. With an expert team of eyelash specialists, we can help you choose the perfect length and weight for your unique style. If you want to create a rich yet extravagant look, we’ll help you choose the right type of eyelash extension that fits your lashes perfectly.

Why Do You Choose Our Eyelash Extensions in Perth?

AUKO Beauty Salon specializes in applying eyelash extensions professionally in Perth. Our beauty experts have the expertise and experience to choose the perfect style for you. We work with our clients to create a dramatic, natural look specifically designed for you. Revamp your lashes and look gorgeous after applying our eyelash extensions.

Completely bespoke experience

When it comes to selecting the style, fullness, and length, AUKO Beauty Salon helps our client’s eye and face shape, lash density, and strength. For a glamorous eye, dramatic lashes or a subtle look, we’ll provide you with the lashes while never sacrificing their natural health.

Long lasting performance

At AUKO Beauty Salon, we connect every lash bond to a lash and make sure that your lashes remain healthy for longer. We use only superior quality lashes combined with special application techniques that make your lashes stay for much longer. It’s suggested to schedule an appointment every two to three weeks to refill the lashes and keep them looking flawlessly beautiful.

Damage-free application

AUKO Beauty Salon experts make a proper assessment of the ability and length of your natural lashes so that we’ll help you choose the eyelash extensions accordingly. We make sure that your lashes won’t weigh down and cause further damage to your existing lashes. This way, you’ll be able to maintain the overall health of your natural lashes and create the weightless as well as more natural look.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment for eyelash extensions in Perth? Feel free to contact AUKO Beauty Salon at +61 404 982 283 or book online. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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