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Licia, Office manager
I've been back about 3-4 more times for refills, and it's been fantastic. Elena is a super friendly and sweet women.  A lot of places have good technicians, but due to either language barriers or lack of organization, they just don't feel as well run. You'll rarely have an issue getting an appointment of your choosing at Extend. I just love the service running by Elena.
Christina, laywer
Elena did my first set of lashes. She walked me through the different lashes and the different effects for each type of lash (thinner or sicker), different lengths, etc. She asked me what kind of look I wanted to achieve with extensions and made suggestions based off of my wishes. Expect to be lying down for 2 hours or so the first time. I’ve seen quite a few eyelash technicians but they were in rush or didn’t pay enough attention to my own eyelashes so I simply wasn’t satisfied.   I am so happy that I finally found my lash lady.
Karren, stylist
You really can't cut corners if you want quality lashes that will hold up. I have skimpy lashes so it takes about 2 hours for me to get lashes (new set, not fills) that are long, lush, thick, and sexy.
I love how they take their time with EACH lash and I get a relaxing nap!
I love my lashes!!!  Thanks Elena.

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