Cosmetic Tattooing in Perth

Cosmetic Tattooing in Perth

Service Price BOOK NOW
 Consultation (if required)   $30 BOOK NOW
Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing /PACKAGE,  Free touch up in 4 weeks
 (2 hours)
 $540 BOOK NOW
Eye brows, Ombre Style  (2 hours) $480 BOOK NOW
   Correction after a month $140 BOOK NOW
 Conversion from Feather Touch to Ombre/Powder (2 hours) $350 BOOK NOW
Top Eye liner (1,5 hour) $350 BOOK NOW
   Correction after a month $140 BOOK NOW
Bottom Eye Liner (1,5 hour) $250 BOOK NOW
  Correction after a month $140 BOOK NOW
 Areola/Nipple Tattooing (2,5 hour)  $520 BOOK NOW
    Correction after a month  $350 BOOK NOW
 Scar camouflage   from $180 BOOK NOW
     Correction after a month  from $140 BOOK NOW
 Lip tattoo or Full Candy Lip (2 hours)  $520 BOOK NOW
     Correction after a month (2 hours)  $250 BOOK NOW
 Eye shadow tattooing  $350 BOOK NOW
     Correction after a month  $180 BOOK NOW

AUKO Beauty Salon – Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist in Perth

Are you thinking about looking fresh and beautiful naturally every day? Why don’t you consider getting a cosmetic tattoo done in Perth! At AUKO Beauty Salon, we specialize in providing cosmetic tattooing packages allowing you to look naturally beautiful every day without wasting much time in front of the mirror.

Our tattoo experts are highly dedicated to defining and enhancing your natural look through proven techniques. We provide cosmetic tattoo packages including eyebrow cosmetic tattoo, eyeliner cosmetic tattoo, and lip cosmetic tattoo.

Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing in Perth

When it comes to finding the perfect eyebrow cosmetic tattooing place near you in Perth, you should look no further than AUKO Beauty Salon. We understand perfectly shaped eyebrows define your face and make a significant difference on your overall look.

The beautiful looking eyebrows help you highlight your eyes while allowing you to feel more confident and look much younger. Considering cosmetic eyebrow tattooing will help you fill up thin or unbalanced eyebrows without any specific shape or density. Visit our eyebrow cosmetic tattooing place near you in Perth.

Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattooing in Perth

Our eyeliner cosmetic tattooing brings life to your face and leaves you with thicker lashes. This means, you’ll have bigger looking eyes and will be able to accentuate the natural color of your eyes.

If you’ve sensitive eyes and find it uncomfortable to put on eyeliner and mascara, you should choose no other than eyeliner cosmetic tattooing in Perth. It’s ideal for those who wear contact lenses and won’t be able to apply eye makeup.

Lip Cosmetic Tattooing in Perth

Lip cosmetic tattooing improves the appearance of your lips while giving them a fuller as well as natural look. You can consider this treatment to cover up any type of scars on your lips or unevenness in your lip shape.

Considering AUKO Beauty Salon Cosmetic Tattooing Package

Ombre or Powdered Eyebrows

Choosing this treatment leaves you with soft, smokey and powder filled brows. This means, the tails of the eyebrow are darker, giving you the finest look. Over time the pigment fades leaving the skin and behind your natural brows- lighter at the front area of the brow and darker at the tail.

Microblading or Hairstrokes

This cosmetic tattooing treatment adds hair like strokes, volume, and texture to make your brow shape perfect. With a microblade or a digital machine using microneedles, it can be done manually.

Hybrid – Combination of Powder and Feathering

This tattooing technique combines both powder and feathering finish, creating a more polished look. It blends in the hair strokes perfectly with the brow.

3D Lip Embroidery

Want to add definition and fullness to your lips? Looking for a perfect alternative to fill up undefined or uneven lips? You should definitely choose 3D Lip Embroidery technique. This is a semi-permanent makeup procedure to enhance your lip borders and give a complete plumbed up look to your lips.

  • This lip tattooing treatment leaves you with natural looking lips that have definition and fullness.
  • Choose the right color as per your preferences by focusing on skin tone and lips undertone.
  • This treatment lasts up to 18 months that depend on different types of skin.
  • This technique includes using only topical effective anesthetics and gentle processes to prevent swelling.
  • The process uses high end organic pigments.
  • Recommended to use annual touch up session to get perfect looking lip shape and color

If you want to learn more about cosmetic tattoo packages, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at +61 404 982 283.

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