Eyelash Salon near Me
09/01/2021 Eyelash Salon near Me

Eyelash extension maintenance –a concept that may look intimidating but is actually entirely manageable as long as you follow the expert tips. It is no coincidence that taking care of your lashes gets you the most mileage out of your fluttery friends. Here. We are going to share 5 tried and tested ways to make your eyelash extensions last longer...

Skin Needling
09/28/2021 Skin Needling
Getting Skin Needling Treatment in Perth
Skin needling is also known as collagen induction therapy, the latest treatment in skin rejuvenation to restore the healthy and youthful skin appearance with minimal or no downtime. Whether you’re looking for a perfect way to improve collagen, want to fill fine lines or repair the damaged skin in a proven way, you should schedule skin needling treatment right now. AUKO Beauty Salon offers highly effective skin needling in Perth best suiting your skin type...
What are the options when it comes to permanent eyebrow makeup?
09/01/2021 What are the options when it comes to permanent eyebrow makeup?

We can help you to achieve the best outcome from all the options.

Permanent makeup is a technique of introducing a colouring composition under the skin using a micropigmentation procedure. It is superficially similar to regular tattooing, due to the method of introduction of colour under the skin. However, the duration of the effect of the specific technique of micropigmentation...

How is the micropigmentation procedure undertaken?
09/01/2021 How is the micropigmentation procedure undertaken?

There are two types of eyebrow micropigmentation - namely manual techniques (shotting) and machine micropigmentation techniques (shading). In the case of manual techniques, the specialist technician uses specific maniples, which are dipped into a container with pigment for introduction under the skin. In the case of machine-automated application, the specialist technician uses a tattoo machine...

What is eyebrow shaping and coloring with paint or henna?
09/01/2021 What is eyebrow shaping and coloring with paint or henna?

During the procedure for shaping and colouring the eyebrows with henna or cosmetic paint, in contrast to the permanent makeup of the eyebrows, nothing is introduced under the skin's surface. The procedure is cosmetic in nature. Eyebrows, to a greater extent, are shaped, that is, they are given a shape corresponding to the type of face, eyebrow hairs are dyed in a colour suitable for this client, the skin under the hairs is also dyed, which gives the effect ...


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