What are the options when it comes to permanent eyebrow makeup?

What are the options when it comes to permanent eyebrow makeup?


We can help you to achieve the best outcome from all the options.

Permanent makeup is a technique of introducing a colouring composition under the skin using a micropigmentation procedure. It is superficially similar to regular tattooing, due to the method of introduction of colour under the skin. However, the duration of the effect of the specific technique of micropigmentation, under ideal care and conditions, is no more than two years. Colour saturation, depending on the type of skin and age of the client, weakens over the entire period, and, after around 18 months, may disappear altogether.

There are two types of permanent eyebrow makeup. The first is powder eyebrows, also known as shotting, watercolour technique, ombre, pixel spraying or shading, which are essentially all the same technique, known by different names. This technique achieves the effect of thick, full eyebrows by shading (tattoo tinting) your own skin colour. In our experience, this is the preferred method by the overwhelming majority of women.

The second technique is known as microblading, feathering or hair technique. This allows you to achieve the effect of full, natural eyebrows. Using this technique, a thin needle/feather is used, and the pigment is applied in small strokes for a perfect result. You should know that repeating the same lines are pretty much impossible if you’re planning getting a touch up in 7-12 months.

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