The choice of shapes of eyebrow cosmetic tattooing

06/24/2022 The choice of shapes of eyebrow cosmetic tattooing  is amazing.
Professionals know all the shapes of eyebrows compliment the oval of the face.
The choice of the eyebrow shape depends not only on the wishes of a client, but also on the features of the appearance: the face oval, the shape, location and the eyes, the facial features sizes and the skin color type.
There are 7 forms of faces:
Oval. This type of appearance is considered the most proportional, suitable for eyebrows of any shape, but it will look the most advantageous in terms of perspective. Any eyebrow tattoo technique is suitable for an oval face.
Round. A wide attractive face must be drawn out, so the tips of the eyebrows should be directed upwards. The need for increased prestige, arched shapes and smooth curves, this is an even more rounded face. You can give your face a graphic look with microblading or Ombre tattooing.
Square.  Angular shapes need to be smoothed out. For an aged women,  permanent eyebrows in the hair or Ombre technique in the form of a smooth arc is suitable. Young girls can make voluminous eyebrows without a strong lift.  
Rectangular. This type of appearance has a massive chin with a high degree of drooping cheekbones. Because a face has an elongated shape, it is not worth making eyebrows with a pronounced rise and a long tail, this violates the proportions. For a rectangular face, let's pay attention to straight-shaped eyebrows, it is important to have a decent angle.
Polygonal. The diamond-shaped face of a diamond is angular with protruding cheekbones, a chin, and pronounced brow ridges. Such shape need to be smoothed out. A rounded eyebrow tattooing with a slight kink will suit the best.
Triangular. The face expands in the frontal zone of observation, the chin is usually narrow. For a triangle the best eyebrow shape will be classic eyebrows with a slight bend.  Since the face expands upward, a straight arch shape is contraindicated, such permanent eyebrow makeup risks creating the illusion of close-set eyes and temple features.
Pear-shaped. An inverted triangle with a base in the jaw area. The face widens downward. You can balance the proportions with the help of long, widely spaced eyebrows.
Eyebrow modelling/ shaping is a complex process, only a professional tattoo artist can determine exactly what face shape you have. Experts do not recommend changing the shape of the eyebrows on your own, as you can create a lot of mistakes.

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