How is the micropigmentation procedure undertaken?

How is the micropigmentation procedure undertaken?


There are two types of eyebrow micropigmentation - namely manual techniques (shotting) and machine micropigmentation techniques (shading). In the case of manual techniques, the specialist technician uses specific maniples, which are dipped into a container with pigment for introduction under the skin. In the case of machine-automated application, the specialist technician uses a tattoo machine specifically designed for micropigmentation. These machines are highly precise and have adjustable power, so that the pigment is introduced to a certain depth in order to avoid overly strong penetration.

Depending on the procedure and the desired result of the client, the technician selects the best option as outlined above and gets to work. To begin with, the technician and the client work together to select the shape of the eyebrows. A highly qualified technician will first draw the correct shape of the eyebrows with a special pencil, based on general guidelines and rules. Once this step is complete, the client, without fail, must view this form. If necessary, or if the client disagrees with the form, the technician and the client will make adjustments to the drawn form. There may be a number of changes to the drawn form at this stage until the client is satisfied and the technician knows that the form is achievable.

Once the shape of the eyebrows has been created and the client has approved it, the technician proceeds to the main part of the work. At this stage, anaesthesia is given and the process of introducing the pigment into the upper layer of the epidermis begins.

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