Why Ombre/Powdered Brows are the New Microblading?

06/09/2022 Why Ombre/Powdered Brows are the New Microblading?

After weighing up the pros and cons of each treatment it’s clear to see that whilst both techniques hold value, micropigmentation tops the score. Offering a more personal and customisable approach, the perfect slope, created by microdots of pigment, is the more popular brow styles of today.

Less maintenance, better results and gentler to the skin Ombre brows are paving the way in semi-permanent makeup.

Suitable for my Skin and Brow Types?
Yes, any color can be mixed for your particular skin or hair color.
The technique used to deliver pigment during an Ombre/Powdered brows treatment means it’s suitable for all brow and skin types - even oily complexions!     Plus, the microdot technique is less traumatic to the skin than microblading, with minimal skin damage as it doesn't need your skin to be cut.


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